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Starting Your Own Singing Bands
These pages were developed to help you start a singing bands ministry in your community. We have pulled together as many resources as possible to help you to this end.

Types of Singing Bands Ministries
On this website, when we discuss "singing bands ministries" we are not talking about a praise group up front at a worship service. Instead, we'are talking an outreach singing group. These ministries are typically located at:
    - a hospital
    - retirement homes
    - the homes of shut ins
    - caroling at Christmas

The Purpose of Singing Bands Ministries
A singing bands ministry can bring comfort to the suffering and lonely as well as share the love of Christ with those who may not know Him. If it is a young people's group it can help to bring the generations together. Singing bands ministry can also provide an enjoyable environment were non-believers and new Christians can become connected with each other in Christ.

Highlighted Resources

Standard booklet

Children's booklet

Christmas booklet

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