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..The Chaplain's Assistant

In the hospital setting, special arrangements can be made which allow singing bands to minister directly to patients and their families. The role of a Chaplain's Assistant is the key to making this happen. The Chaplain's Assistant can be a volunteer employee, under the Chaplain's Office of the hospital, and so can go into a patient's room and seek the permission of patients to be visited by the singing bands group. As a volunteer employee, the Chaplain's Assistant will have gone through training in the policies of the hospital including HIPPA to ensure that patient confidentiality is respected. The Chaplain's Assistant can also ensure that the singing bands groups abides by the policies of the hospital and keeps an eye to ensure members of the singing bands group observes proper interaction with patients including the washing of hands as needed. In this way, the Chaplain's Assistant serves as a vital liaison between the Chaplain's Office, the hospital, and the singing bands group.